Covid-19 Fund

Covid-19 Fund


TRUSS GIVES BACK! Truss has joined forces with PBA (Professional Beauty Association) and for 7 days, the profit of sales on its website will be donated to the PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund. Purchase any Professional or Retail product on TRUSS´ website using coupon #trusspbafund between Sept 2nd and Sept 9th and help our friends in the Industry. Together, we can make a difference.

Click here now to create your account and donate. We will do our best to get your account approved as quick as possible.



TRUSS Professional is Brazil’s major manufacturer of high-end professional hair care products. Present now in 21 countries, TRUSS has built a solid reputation during the last 18 years due to the high quality of products used by professional hairstylists and their clients.

In the USA, TRUSS is the only brand to be simultaneously on the back cover of both American and Modern Salon magazines and are proud sponsors of Beauty Launchpad, Behind the Chair and the Professional Beauty Association.

Present in all major trade shows in the country and in the world, TRUSS is Internationally known for its famous “blonding System”, a group of products that allows hairstylists to achieve incredible transformations always maintaining the integrity of the hair in first place. Speak with any one of TRUSS’ educators and you will hear that this “blonding System” has changed the way they do hair! TRUSS is a service-oriented brand,including a vegan wax for hair reconstruction that will leave clients frizz free for up to 45 days, instantly treating and repairing damaged hair, making it shiny and healthy. Free of harsh chemicals, your health has always been TRUSS’ priority!

TRUSS has a massive presence on social media (@trussprofessional and @trusshair), the brand has as part of its education team some of the hottest names in the Industry right now, including Ambassadors @gabrielsamra, @mickeycolonjr, @simonepetinatti (the official creator of the Brazilian hair painting technique) and Brand Specialists @asil, @suetyrellstylist, @philipforesto, @hairbysarayah, @crishair, @hairbythay and @hairbylima to name a few out the 75 across America!

TRUSS welcomes you to be part of such an important campaign: PBA’s Covid-19 Relief Fund. Purchase your new favorite products and support the Industry when it needs you the most. Together, we can make a difference.



The Blonding System:

Anyone can do a transformation. The difference is: How healthy does the hair really look after a full discoloration? TRUSS knows exactly how to get this job done with no damage! How? Our Blonding system consists on a few steps:

  1. 8x Powder: A powder bond builder that gives you better viscosity for your balayage techniques while not delaying your lift adding strength and shine to your blondes.
  2. Two different lighteners to choose from depending on the technique or desired level of lift. Air Libre is your open air balayage lightener that is not clay based. Instead, we added Collagen as the main ingredient with 7 natural oils (Argan, Macadamia and Hazelnut to name a few). This is the only lightener that can claim that you can “treat as you bleach”. Blanc Blond on the other hand, is recommended for your high lift blondes, with blue pigments and an abundance of Argan Oil.
  3. Deluxe Prime: Trouble detangling your teased sections? Not anymore. Deluxe Prime is TRUSS´ #1 seller worldwide to detangle before combing/rinsing the hair and to neutralize pH and equalize porosity during lightening and chemical processes.
  4. Deluxe Prime Champagne Blond: With many more benefits than a regular purple shampoo, deluxe prime detangles, treats, and neutralizes warm tones to achieve even the coolest blonde tones. Also excellent for clients with grey hair to neutralize unwanted yellow tones.
  5. K Recovery: This is the product that allows you to “play it safe”. Packed with Keratin and Collagen, you will apply in areas where hair is sensitive prior to bleaching and before a blowout. The results are immediate, and your life will never be the same after this treatment (PS: This is not a bond builder. This is a 30sec treatment to make hair stronger prior and after chemical services. 8x Powder is your powder bond builder).


Yes, this is true. A Reconstruction system that is vegan, safe and will give your clients up to 45 days of beautiful frizz-free hair.

INFUSION TREATMENT: A conditioning treatment with great fragrance that will leave hair very shiny and with cuticles sealed eliminating frizz. Apply on dry and unwashed hair (yes, no need to pre-shampoo!) from mid-shaft to the ends and process for 30 min.

Shampoo twice with BIDIMENSIONAL SHAMPOO. A highly hydrating shampoo that cleans and adds shine at the same time.

Apply NET MASK. How about showing your client some love and clapping your hands right on top of her hair? That’s right! Clap your hands and active this mask’s fibers and see a hair transformation right in front of your eyes. Process for 5 minutes.

Rinse and apply AMINO. Amino is going to be your new favorite heat protectant. All it takes is one spray for you to smell the best fragrance ever on a finishing product. On top of that, you get Amino Acid replenishment, heat protection, color protection and intense shine.



@GabrielSamra: Talent, inspiration, charisma, passion. All that combined with a lot love for sharing his knowledge with the world in either English, Spanish or Arabic. Gabriel is a balayage master that is proud to say that TRUSS products changed the way he does hair. “Healthy hair has always been my priority but I couldn´t achieve that with other brands. With TRUSS, I can give new life to my client´s hair with no fear. Actually, I feel inspired to dare and create new trends”.


@mickeycolonjr: This BTC award winner for “Balayage of the year” will win not only many more awards throughout his career but also your heart with his charisma and high energy. An Educator by nature, Mickey stands out for sharing all his tips and tricks that helped him to always exceed expectations. His work prints out a lot of personality combined with technique and as he always says “Beautiful hair is healthy hair! using the right products, treating the hair before, during and after chemical services and sending clients home with the right products is my ritual”.


@simonepetinatti: With a 20 year career, Simone is recognized as the real creator of the Brazilian Free Hands technique trend, Internationally followed and inspired by the most famous hairstylists… She has everything you can think of in her resume: from magazine covers on Harper's Bazar and Vogue to Fashion Editorials and TV shows with some of the most famous Brazilian and International Celebrities. With a natural talent to speak in front of the cameras and in front of large audiences, she comes to the TRUSS team to share all her passion and talent with the world. “I’ve been a TRUSS client for 18 years. I love the products and I love the fact that I can help to take a Brazilian brand to the eyes of the world”.

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