June News

June News

Father’s Day is coming up quick! Are you ready to treat your dad with the gift of good hair?

TRUSS Man Nature is an anti-aging and bactericidal Shampoo and Conditioner meant to cleanse and soften the hair, beard, and skin. This powerhouse combination refreshes the skin with menthol and controls excessive oiliness with anti-inflammatory and healing bactericidal activities. Man nature will help prevent dandruff, acne, folliculitis, and irritation on the scalp and skin. Help dad restore his hairs natural softness and ensure healthy growth with long lasting results! Buy Now 

Not only is Father’s Day on June 20th, but so is the first day of Summer! Are you ready to protect your hair against harsh heat, chlorine, and salt water? It’s not too early to stock up on TRUSS Miracle Summer Shampoo and Conditioner as well as Deluxe Prime Miracle Summer to protect your locks with extra UV Protection. Buy now


22-Modern Salon Cover Photo Shoot


Simone Petinatti and Gabriel Samra’s work is showcased on the cover of the Summer edition of Modern Salon and TRUSS carried along an overly ambitious goal, to gather all the best talent in one room to represent the brand and its educators. Cover is coming in Summer of 2021, here you can see some behind the scenes footage.


28-29 -Honduras Launch

TRUSS officially kicks off in Honduras with an education event held in the beautiful Island of Roatan, along 3 with unstoppable talents. Gabriel Samra, Maria Luisa Vicuña and Marcos Carrasquillo. They marked the path for a recipe for success. During the event, our International Director of Sales, Lucas Pontes, named the very first International TRUSS Lover, setting the first red apron in the International scene. Melissa Amaya was the stylist to receive this honor.


3-4 Puerto Rico Launch


We arrived in Puerto Rico! For some it is another USA state, for others the Island of Charm. However it may be, TRUSS is now present and available. This Distribution comes by the hand of AM Distributors, a strong team with endless experience in positioning the brand and its products. We can’t wait to see what will come.


11-12 Forum Hair Brasil


Orlando Florida was the location for this event. Success can be measured by many things, but one very important outcome to look at is the ability to impact others lives for the better. There were many heartfelt moments during this event as stylists poured their heart and admiration for TRUSS and their educators: Gabriel Samra, Mickey Colon, Simone Petinatti and Robson Souza. This success was the first of many to come, as organizers are now in the works for next edition of Hair Brasil in Miami.


25-26 -Gabriel Samra & Maria Luisa in Mexico


These charismatic educators held an education event filled with great energy and lots of knowledge! A very dynamic group that was characterized by its multi-nationalities as they had flown from all over North, Central and South America to attend.

26-Sales Training with Vall Waldrich       

International Distributors had the opportunity to expand their knowledge by the hands of Vall Waldrich in a virtual all-day experience that allowed them to learn sales techniques and key brand strategies.



13- Ecuador Promotes 2 Brand Specialists to Ambassadors    

Henry Gonzalez & Pamela Alba have officially become Ambassadors for TRUSS Ecuador, and we could not be prouder. They have grown within their participation all the way from Brand Specialists, demonstrating product knowledge and a strong engagement with followers and clients.


15/16- Mexico Kokoro

USA Ambassador @Mickeycolonjr, Ecuador Ambassador @heenrygonzalez and Mexico Ambassador @abdielzulbaran shared their knowledge and talent on stage where 4 different techniques were presented besides models for treatments. On the next day, 25 hair stylists had the opportunity to practice through a hands-on class what they saw on the day before and receive their certification. Thank you to Distributor Kokoro Mexico for hosting another great TRUSS event.

13 -San Juan Moda Miami 2021

TRUSS Professional Puerto Rico has proudly partnered with San Juan Moda Miami, the fashion show where fashion stylists from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and New York showed all their talent and trends to the runway and TRUSS Puerto Rico & TRUSS Miami were responsible for creating the looks of all models commanded by TRUSS Puerto Rico Ambassador, @marcoscarrasquillo

The event happened at the SLS Hotel in Miami on May 13 and it was a big success where top models and VIP guests received their TRUSS gift bags and now are the newest #crazyfortruss

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